hiker series 2.5

I wanted to post the last few pictures that I had grabbed from this season. These hikers just have the easiest smile and are so friendly. I've truly enjoyed doing this.

Jesus' time in the wilderness was led by the Spirit and a desire to have solace, to prepare and to refocus. Nature provides such a simple and quiet place to come before God.  It's sweet and intimate. I think God designed it this way; where our souls can breathe a little. It's an obvious revealing of his presence. Right now life looks a little messy, but each time I go into the woods I always come back out being more at peace. And despite all the brokenness in life, sometimes it's made sweeter and more beautiful because of that also. 

hiker series 2

More hiker pictures! I spent quite a bit of time hiking on trails this week + some trips to Rock Gap shelter and Siler Bald shelter. I have to to say again how happy and willing everyone has been when I ask for pictures. (Thanks, guys!) There's definitely a happiness and freedom that comes from being in the mountains. I wanted to focus a little bit here to talk about the First Baptist Church in town. Every morning for four weeks they will be serving the AT hikers. They pick them up, give them all you can eat pancakes and bacon, take a photo of each person and provide stationary for them to write home and send said photo, then they drop them back at the hotel. How awesome is that? They have a great setup and sweet volunteers. 

hiker series 1

Last year I did a short photography series on Appalachian Trail hikers and truly couldn't wait to get started again this year. I bring apples and sweets, they let me take pictures. It's a win-win. I love the details and the character of people that pass through and the stories they bring. Everyone has been so kind along the way; exhausted, but kind. It seems that most hikers on this journey are literally taking a leap and doing something that makes them happy...and it shows. You can see past hiker series here and here.

'Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.'